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Finance and Investment Cell

Happily accommodated by Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College during the year 2019-2020, Finance and Investment Cell, a student-driven initiative, working with the grail to assist young minds in grasping knowledge catering to financial and merchandising affairs in college and the University as a whole. The society lines up in organising stimulating events that invigorate participation and analysis in a wide range of issues that influence the Indian Economy.The cell looks beyond the theoretical concepts to develop an understanding of the real world of finance and therefore research is a major activity of FIC.
The cell strives to hone one’s skills through rigorous participation.The cell operates with bouncy and zestful spirits which eventually leads to organising webinars, contributing to weekly intra-cell educational sessions, pinning up the investment-linked words, finance-related concepts and news, through its Instagram handle @fic_sbsec, accomplishing its raison d’être(reason of its existence).


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