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Research and Innovation Cell for Grant of Projects (Internal Quality Assurance Cell, SBSEC, University of Delhi)

Research and Innovation Cell for Grant of Projects (RICGP)

Introduction: Research and Innovation Cell for Grant of Projects (RICGP) is a unit under the aegis of Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Sheheed Bhagat Singh Evening College, University of Delhi. The Cell aims at promoting and supporting quality based interdisciplinary innovative research works by college faculty and students. Through research and pedagogical experiences in and out the class rooms by our highly committed faculty and students have necessitated the genesis of this cell The Cell proposes to grant interdisciplinary innovative projects to teachers or a group of teachers and students in clustered manner. This initiative of IQAC, whereas, shall promote research activities at the college level for the faculty, students will have unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow. The Cell shall foster the values of innovation, creativity, diversity and interdisciplinary collaboration. Above all, it will lead to transfer, dissemination of knowledge with community and stakeholders.


The vision of RICGP is to support high quality research and innovations by the faculty and students of the institution. who ask bigger questions, and generate ideas to bring brand enhancement and recognition of the institution.


The mission of RICGP is to advance the research capabilities of our faculty members by striving for excellence in research across campus. We will strive to attain aims and objectives of the Cell through institutional support to our faculty and students thus inculcating the values of research developments, stewardship and leadership. RICGP Cell is committed to its designed initiatives to grow institutional research capacity.

Aims and Objectives:

The Cell (RICGP) as an engaged cluster group of researchers (Teachers & Students) shall cherish and celebrate following objectives:
  • The pursuit of excellence in teaching and research as the highest measures of successful achievements.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration, artistic expression, and research as vehicle for leveraging our resources, solving problems and multiplying our accomplishments.
  • Creation and dissemination of knowledge for the intellectual, economic, and social advancement of our community.
  • Integrity and transparency in all our research-oriented actions.
  • Leadership and involvement in the economic, social, and professional growth of the teachers, students and above all, institution.
  • Promotion of collaborative, original and innovative research.

Projects approved - 

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