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Geography Lab

Practical is very important when we talk about the subject Geography. We are glad and proud to inform you all that our lab and teachers are one of the best in Delhi University.

Cartography is all about map making and learning its techniques. In our Geography Department, we teach our students right from making maps manually to digitally.

In our course during first year students get to know what a map is, how can you understand and make it at the same time, with the help of cartographic techniques.

We have around 200 topsheets of different terrain to make students understand the geography of the area and the difference.
We provide our students with equipment which can help them make atlas like a professional.

  • >>In the first year, we have cartographic techniques and thematic cartography which help to understand how to show even larger data with different characteristics on a map.
  • >>In the second year, we make them familiar with REMOTE SENSING & GPS. For that we have satellite imageries, Aerial photographs, fully functional GPS, photogrammetry tools to help them learn.
  • >>In the third year, we combine all that we have to teach our students and add GIS in their learning process. In this, they learn to make maps digitally and for that our lab is fully equipped with licensed softwares like ARCGIS, ERDAS Imagine, Map info and 13 computers so that every student gets an equal opportunity to explore.

Some specific facilities that are available in the Geography lab, are as follows:-
  • Toposheets
  • GPS
  • Satellite imagery
  • 13 computers
  • Licenced software:- Erdas Imagine & Arc GIS
  • Map info
  • Projector ( wall and portable)
  • Tents
  • Rucksacks
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Pocket Stereoscopes
  • Weather Maps
  • French Curves
  • Stereo scopes

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