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About Students’ Union

Students' union committee at the University of Delhi is responsible for maintaining a decent political culture and an ambience of open debates on the campus. Students are kept informed by the committee about every essential topic such as the public meetings, discussions and other issues through circulars and notices. It includes four central panel positions which are as follow: President, Vice President, Secretary and Joint-Secretary.

Our university has had this committee since the establishment of the university and has a long history of political activity. Our University (Shaheed Bhagat Singh evening college) elects its own students' union annually. In addition, the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) exists as an umbrella organization for our college and other colleges affiliated to Delhi University.

Aims and Objects:
o To nurture the social, cultural and growth of the students of the University of Delhi.
o To stimulate consciousness among the students of the University of Delhi of the events happening around. Focusing on making them responsible and educated citizens.
o To enable a sense of service and duty among the students.
o To encourage balanced relationships among all University Community sections.
o To solve the common concerns among the students by representing and discussing it with the University authorities.

o Debates, lectures, discussions, essay competitions.
o Cultural performance and contests.
o Indoor games.
o Trips and tours to places of historical and educational importance.
o Social Service and Social Relief Activities.
o Organizing and running co-operatives.
o Organize a poor Boys Fund and Book Bank to help needy Students.
o Publication of magazine, bulletin and wall newspapers.

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