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Women Development Centre

Women Development Centre, University of Delhi was established to address the women’s concerns in higher education as well as the quality education. Since then, WDC has covered a very long spectacular journey by expanding its programmes, activities and the active participation of the members. Since past years WDC is properly guided as well as properly nurtured by eminent women professors not only their subject expertise but also as mentors. The journey of WDC with these eminent personalities has enriched the core foundation of this society which is required for the long term motion of WDC. WDC has made long walks in the direction of teaching, research and actions.

As WDC has networks with local and professionals.
WDC has played an active role on the issue of sexual harassment at the University. As WDC had contributed to the college’s framing of policies against sexual harassment and implementing them too.

• We aim to make society aware of women's rights, education, health and safety,development and social justice.
• We aim to open the mind of society on the topic of masculinity, patriarchy, gender and stereotype beliefs associated with these issues.
• Our mission is to make society a better place for everyone regardless of their gender.
• We also aim to fight for the rights of LGBTQ+ community and believes on a society where everyone is treated equally regardless of who they are and who they are in love with.

We believe in spreading the golden colours i.e., equality, justice and brotherhood.

Members (2022-23):

Dr. Vaneeta Chandna, Associate Professor, Geography Department, Convener
Dr. Kavita Yadav, Associate Professor, Commerce Department, Member
Mr. Sarad kumar Yadav, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, Member
Dr. Rashmi Kumar, Assistant Professor, Economics Department, Member
Ms. Seema Choudhary, Assistant Professor, Commerce Department, Member 
Ms. Atithi Pant, Assistant Professor, Geography Department, Member 
Ms. Kiran Jatav, Assistant Professor, Geography Department, Member 
Mr. Niraj Nirola, Assistant professor, Economics Department, Member 

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