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Department of English

The English Department of Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Evening) College is a protean close knit group of learned, accomplished and sincere faculty members incessantly striving to enrich the academic experience within the college. It aims at promoting all round development of students through an inclusive and broad minded approach to various ideas. It incorporates a range of teaching-learning methods in order to draw interests of students from different departments and courses, thereby, preparing them to accomplish great feats confidently in their careers.

The Literary Society of college, a.k.a. Carpe Diem, which is handled by the energetic and creative young minds of the college, is rooted in this department. Therefore, the students and teachers work in conjunction to organize a wide array of events like seminars, workshops, competitions etc. with the intention to invite, engage and inform students for a holistic cultivation of their experience and personality.

Areopagitica , Creative Writing Society is a bilingual Society , a place to share your work, test out new ideas, and meet great people! Meetings provide an open and judgement-free space to give and receive feedback on work, participate in writing contests, and hang out with other writers. We also do lots of fun activities like attending open mic nights and book talks, cinema trips, and pub socials from time to time to its literary pursuit. The Society organises inter and intra college events to inculcate creativity, ingenuity, critical thinking among students.

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