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Department of Geography

Established in 1974, initiated with the B.A. (Pass) course in which Geography was a subject among other four. A turning point in the history of Department came in 1991 when Geography (Hons.) was introduced in the college. Since then we’ve continually pushed the boundaries of knowledge forward. With our finger on the pulse and an eye on the horizon, we’ve pursued the greatest heights of research and innovation, always together and always for the betterment of our subject, department and the college. In 1991 Mr.S.K.Sinha was the only faculty member and about 150 students (together in Honours and Pass Course). In 1996, the expansion took place in the faculty, as four members, Dr.S.K.Bandooni, Dr.Ravi Shekhar, Dr.V.S.Negi and Dr.Vaneeta Chandna joined as permanent faculty. Later in 1998 Dr.B.W.Pandey also joined . In 2006, Dr.Anupama Verma and Dr.Anupama M..Hasija became a part of the department as permanent Faculty. At Present, there are 7 permanent teachers and 6 adhoc with excellent academic experience and publications in their respective field.The Department consistently ranked among the leading in the universities of Delhi, with good no. of students passing out rankings on the top list every Year.

Strength of the Department:

Department has well equipped laboratory with Computers , wifi projector system , Remote Sensing & GIS softwares, Satellite Imageries, Aerial Photographs, GPS, Toposheets, Pocket Stereoscope , Scanner and cartography threshing table where students carry out manual cartography work
Department Library has excellent collection of Books and Journals which is donated by the faculties .
Instruments and trekking equipments for the Faculties and Students to carry out outdoor classroom activities like field trip especially Trekking.

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