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Sangharsh-The Dramatics Society

Sangharsh took roots in 2012 and within a very short span of time it found its foot in the Delhi University Theatre Circuit. The name Sangharsh is testimony to the fantastic journey of this society. It reminds us of the dedication and commitment with which the alumni of Sangharsh surmounted all challenges that they encountered in this journey. Sangharsh is a point of joy, learning and exploring talent. It is a place where we work as a team and help each other reach full potential. We work on all parameters including persona, demeanor, character, as well as professional aspects of our team.

Our aim is to let each member explore their full range and potential and achieve holistic growth in the process. For us, Sangharsh is not only a society but a family away from family, a home away from home. Here, we create memories every minute. Each day at Sangharsh is a celebration along with hard work, dedication, and discipline, to bring about a positive change. We work to explore, learn, and grow. Sangharsh is not only about dramatics but also about finding a way of life. Sangharsh is not just a society, but also a family.


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