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The BA Programme Association

B. A. Programme consists of discipline, language, foundation and application courses. Students are required to study four subjects per semester which consists of two discipline courses to be studied in the first, second and third year. It comprises diverse subjects such as Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, English and Hindi language Literature etc. In the first year, these two discipline courses are accompanied by two language courses, English and Hindi. Language courses are divided into three streams, according to the level at which a student has studied it at school. In the second year as well, the student studies four subjects. Along with the next level of the two chosen discipline courses, a student is expected to pick any one of the two languages studied in the first year. Instead of the second language, he/she is expected to choose one of the four foundation courses: Language Literature and Culture; Contemporary India, Economy, Politics, and Society; Human Rights, Gender and Environment; and Social Enquiry. In the final year, students continue with the final segment of the chosen discipline courses; one of the two languages and any one of the application courses offered for the programme.

The B.A. programme association of SBSEC has been formed to provide the students a platform for literary, aesthetic, and intellectual enrichment. It encourages them to explore a range of ideas, values and human expressions. It also helps them shape their interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills beyond the classroom through various activities throughout the year. The association organizes regular seminars/webinars, workshops, excursions, short documentary/film screenings, carrier counselling etc. It is an amalgamation of students from diverse subject combinations offered by the college. This diversity of the association finds expression in its annual academic and cultural festival “Indradhanush. This year the Association has started its annual E-Magazine “Nayi Pahal” which features the innovative ideas, creativity and literary skill of the students.

The B.A. Programme Association Recruitment:


Orientation Programme cum Fresher's welcome for B.A (Prog.) Students

"You will never win if you never begin."

By Helen Rowland

Greetings everyone??

We, the B.A. Programme Department of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College, University of Delhi take immense pleasure in welcoming the  Batch of 2024 to this enigmatic journey of yours by conducting

the B.A. Programme Department Orientation Programme for the students of the B.A. Programme Department and wholeheartedly welcome you all to the same. The details for the Orientation Programme are:

Date: 5th December, 2021

Time: 1: 00 P.M

Events Name

1) Stand Up Comedy:

Theme : Past Experience of Teacher in School Life

2) Poster Making

Theme : Expectation VS Reality

Message in your own words

3) Reels

Theme: College Life

4) Ramp Walk

5) Dance/Singing

6) Meme Making

7) Truth and Dare

Rules and Regulation

Stand Up Comedy

1) Time limit is 4-5 Minutes.

2) Your camera should be turn on during the performance. 

3) Your performance should be related to the given Theme. 

4) Use of abusive language will not tolerable. 

5) Make sure your performance should not point out any caste, Creed, religion or gender.

 Poster Making 

1) Your Poster should be hand made. 

2) The creation should be according to the Theme. 

3) You have to write / Present at least 5 line related to your poster. ( Your Thoughts behind your poster) 

4) The most Creative mind will surely appreciate.

Ramp walk and Reels

1) Every participant have to send there video 1day prior. 

2) The video can be on any song. 

3) In case of reels you can use any dialogue as well. 

4) Participants can also cover any motivational topics as well. 

5) The video should not more than 2mins.

6) In case of reels, more than 2 reels will not acceptable.

Dance / Singing

1) Every participants have to send their entry 1 day prior. 

2) The Time limit is 3min for every video. 

3) One participant can share only one video. 

4) You can use remix of song in your performance. 

5) You are not bonded to present any thought of yours through your performance but make sure it should not hurt any individual. ( Caste, creed, Gender or Religion)

Meme Making

1) The content of your meme should be logical and funny. 

2) The content should not mention any individual Political party Or any other caste, creed, religion or gender. 

3) You can present your creative thoughts through you meme.

Registration Link:

Register now to learn more about us and our B.A. Programme Department.

In case of any queries, contact:

Kritika Gupta : +91 73928 27990

Ravi Prakash : +91 74883 19040

Soni Singh


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