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The Fine Art Society-Creador

CREADOR, the Fine Arts Society is one of the few registered societies at Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Evening) College. One of the oldest and most active societies of the College – Fine Arts makes its presence felt by organizing various events all round the year. It breathes life into the college activities. The rich legacy of the society has carved a niche for itself in the University of Delhi. Innate talent of the students combined with guidance of their mentor has helped the production of aesthetically splendid items. Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness. Art is an idea that has found its perfect form. A piece of art that speaks to you can open windows in a room; you hadn’t even known it was dark! Fine Arts is all about expressing your feelings, emotions and imaginations through colourful  sketches, paintings and various other forms of art and craft work. This society provides a platform to all its members to showcase their skills and talents in the field of fine arts which would otherwise have remained hidden. The aim of Creador is to bring together people who have creative insight and want to explore how they can push their own limits. The undivided support from the teachers helped the students to showcase their talents in various ways.

The society organises a number of inter college Fine Arts Competitions - Sketching, Poster-making, Card-making, Folder-making, Calligraphy, Cartooning, Painting, Grafiti, Collage-Making, best out of Waste, Rangoli-making, Face Painting, etc- in which all students participate in large numbers.
The society organises various visits for the students like visit to NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART, NATIONAL CRAFTS MUSEUM and so on. It gives them an opportunity to learn new form of art work and other skills.Though the society organizes a number of events during the year, its annual exhibition – “ART-E-VOUS” is the most spectacular of all. The members of the society are budding artists who showcase their talents and mesmerize the spectators with their art work.

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