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The Economics Society

The Economics Society, SBSEC was established in 2010. Its aim is to promote dissemination of knowledge with respect to issues pertaining to Economics.

To encourage learning beyond the classroom, the society conducts the annual fest ‘Ecobuzz’ which comprises several academic and non-academic events including debates, quizzes, innovative games & stimulating knowledge sessions.

With the purpose of gaining a deeper insight into policy and research, the Economics Society has organised guest lectures by eminent speakers like Prof. Ram Singh (Delhi School of Economics), Dr. Santosh Kumar (Sam Houston State University, US), Prof. Biswajit Dhar (CESP, JNU), Dr. Sidney Soares Filho (Czestochowa University, Poland), Dr. Enumalai Kannan (Associate Professor, CSRD JNU), to name a few.

National Young Economists Conclave (NYEC) is the flagship event of this society. It is a national level programme, which provides undergraduate students a platform to showcase their research skills and analytical views on economic issues. An overwhelming participation has been witnessed in all its editions by students from reputed institutions across the nation like Ashoka University, Delhi Technological University, Maharaja Agrasen University, SRN University amongst others.

The endeavours of this vibrant student body reflect the embodiment of values instilled in them by the Department of Economics, SBSEC.

The Economics Society is a close-knit family of people who share a common bond, that is, passion for Economics. The selection process of society involves a face-to-face interview wherein the candidates are evaluated on the basis of their level of interest, commitment, and basic aptitude.

Official bearers of The Economics society generally hold the following posts:

1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Joint secretary
5. Treasurer
6. IT head
7. Core
8. Member

The society promotes teamwork and believes that it is only the collaborative efforts of all the members which can help achieve a common goal. The members of this Society obtain hands-on experience as they actively get to be a part of the organizing committee which conducts various events like workshops, guest lectures, debates, seminars, etc. The exposure these members get, stands unparalleled, as they get to meet several reputed academicians and personally interact with them one on one.

The alumni of this society have provided the feedback that the confidence and the training that they gained, while being a part of The Economics Society, eventually helped them in later stages of life as well.

Testimonial by Alumnus 1: Vivek Raj (Joint Secretary 2017-18, Treasurer, 2018-19, Vice President, 2019-2020) The Economics Society has played a pivotal role in my learning and overall development. As a society, we have worked quite hard and consistent to promote knowledge and help enhance soft skills among students. I have seen it''s growth during my association for all three years in college. If it were up to me, I’ll give it the title of ''best academics society'' in college. I am proud to be a part of the society that feels more like a family now!

Testimonial by Alumnus 2: Mansi Chauhan (Joint Secretary 2017-18, Secretary 2018-19, Vice President 2019-20)
Economics society was the most important part of my college life and I''m privileged to be a part of it for 3 years. It not only helped me to develop myself as an individual, but also provided me with greater opportunities and exposures which made me realise what my potentials are.

Testimonial by Alumnus 3: Shrey Mahendra (Joint Secretary 2018-19, Secretary 2019-20) My experience in the society was a combination of wisdom and innocence which is unnaturally endearing. I did not know I could push my limits to such an extent to organize all the events. I would not have known what skills and talents I possess if I hadn''t been a part of Economics Society. I joined the society late, but better late than never.

Testimonial by Alumnus 4: Vanshika Mansinghka (Member 2018-19, Treasurer 2019-20, President 2020-21)
Being a part of the Economics Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College for continuous three years was a proud phase of my life. This society has guided me how to have proper delegation and decentralisation of work, how students can work in a team and organise best National Level Events. All our mentors are extremely friendly, talented, and wonderful people. They have taught us at each and every point and helped us to achieve something extraordinary and hone our skills in all possible ways.

Testimonial by Alumnus 5: Devank Pandey (Member 2018-19, Social Media Head 2019-20)
It was an honour for me to be a part of The Economics Society. I got associated with the Ecosoc for 2 years and have cultivated loads of skills, connections and experiences that are helping me in my career. Moreover, It was a privilege to learn and work with such an amazing faculty that considers members'' personal growth as their utmost priority.


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